Meet Amy van de Ven, Quest Orange

As a fledgling hospitality employee, Amy van de Ven knew she one day wanted to work for herself and own a business, but was unaware of the business ownership opportunities that existed with Quest Apartment Hotels. 

Joining the pre-opening team at Quest Wodonga in 2013 and working alongside the business’s owner, Natasha Callewaert, Amy became immersed in the Quest business model and quickly resonated with the values of the organisation, and could see the opportunity to create something great. 

“Working for Tash, I could see that as a Quest franchise business owner, you work for yourself, but not by yourself.  There is a lot of support available, and financial gains to be had,” explains Amy.  

 “There was a clear pathway to get into business ownership, where Quest could pair you with a partner and connect you with providers like solicitors and financiers.  It presents a great opportunity for a young, single woman to become a business owner,” 

With lived experience that Amy describes as getting her ready for the role of a hotel business owner, in 2019 Amy became a co-owner of the Quest Orange franchise business in regional New South Wales, partnering with her mentor Natasha and another Quest franchise business owner, James Blanchett.  From the get-go, both Amy and Quest Orange have been warmly embraced by the local Orange community.  

So after nearly 3 years as a business owner, how does it compare to being an employee? 

“I was meant to do this; I thrive on making quick decisions, leading a team, and taking others with me on the journey. Nothing compares to what I am doing now,” explains Amy.

“Characteristics like self-discipline and self-motivation need to be ingrained in your DNA to be a business owner. At times, it is hard.  But it is also so rewarding.  I get to witness the growth of my team, see their journey, create memorable experiences for them.” 

And Amy’s advice for those considering becoming a Quest Apartment Hotels business owner?

 “To get the most out of your business, you have to take a hands-on approach, especially in a regional area.  You need to be operational. You have the experience of doing the work for someone else – now it’s time to do it for yourself and get a bigger slice of the pie.  With bigger risk comes bigger rewards!”    

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