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Joint Venture Partnerships

At Quest, many of our franchisees have been able to make the initial leap from employee to business owner due to entering a Joint Venture (JV) partnership with an experienced Quest franchisee.

Becoming a minority shareholder/owner in the business, these ambitious and driven individuals bring the energy and enthusiasm to be the key property team member responsible for the day-to-day operations of the particular Quest Apartment Hotel business. 

Often, there are mutually agreed arrangements in place that see their ownership stake in the Quest franchise business increase over time, in line with specific performance outcomes.

Most of our franchisees – both new and established – in JV partnerships find the arrangement to be incredibly rewarding, and a springboard for growing personal wealth and financial security. 

Many of our minority JV franchise business owners come to Quest with solid hospitality/hotel management industry experience – and just as many again are talented professionals who have worked with Quest for several years. 

However, if you have proven experience in managing high performing teams in a fast-paced environment, or have previously owned a successful small business, then we’d love for you to get in touch with us. 

Typically, a minority JV business owner would require minimum initial capital investment of 20% of the business value. 

Key to the success of our JV business owner partnerships is the right fit between the ownership parties, shared values and a commitment to the ongoing growth of the franchise business.     

Read below some stories from our franchise business owners who have chosen to take control of their own destiny and become a Quest business owner by embarking on a JV partnership.   

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