Mindfulness is the practice of focusing our attention and becoming present in the moment. It is the secret to building resilience and focus, while decreasing stress and improving your overall well-being. 

Bring mindfulness into your day with these tips. 


Mindfulness breathing a basic yet powerful tool to refocus your energy to your breath. Bring your attention to your breath’s natural rhythm and flow. Doubling the length of the exhale is proven to reduce cortisol and calm your nervous system. Inhale for 2, exhale for 4; for 10 rounds.


Swapping your afternoon tea or coffee for warm water can aid digestion, improve hydration, andhelp you in your quest to a mindful state . Caffeine, being a stimulant, can increase your alertness and aid physical and mental performance, which is  why a lot of people reach for a morning coffee to start their day. However, consuming caffeine late in the day may reduce your ability to switch off and be present in the moment.


Gratitude journaling helps us focus on the good, leading to increased optimism. It also helps us to recognise how the people around us contribute to our happiness, in turn strengthening our relationships. Try asking yourself, ‘what are you most grateful for?’ and write it down and reflect on your personal and interpersonal growth.


Take regular movement breaks. Even simple practices like shoulder shrugging, neck rolling, jumping on the spot or a quick dance will get your energy flowing. Pairing mindfulness and movement have shown to improve self-efficacy, improved breathing rate and depth, heart rate, and improved rest and digestion response.

Acts of kindness

It feels good to do good. Commit to regular acts of kindness to help encourage social connection and boost your feel-good endorphins. Surprise your work colleagues, friends, or loved ones with small selfless acts and observe how this made them feel as well as how you felt in return.

Using these small and simple tips can contribute to a higher level of mindfulness and in turn better manage stress, boost compassion, and find a level of calm and clarity. How will you be mindful today?


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