Meet Nancy Li & Kevin Tang, Quest Cronulla Beach

After almost 5 years at the helm of Quest Cronulla Beach in southern suburban Sydney, franchise business owners Nancy Li and Kevin Tang still love what they do and are passionate about helping their guests. 

With Kevin having extensive experience in running a convenience store franchise business, and Nancy’s eye for numbers underpinned by her Master of Accounting and Finance qualification, the husband and wife duo have been well equipped to take on the challenges of running a Quest Apartment Hotels business. 

From the outset, the couple have been full of praise for Quest’s extensive franchisee training and support structure.  “The initial training, plus on-site training at a Quest property, were invaluable,” describes Nancy.

The pair undertook vast research prior to making the decision to become Quest business owners, and quickly discovered the Quest business format franchise model, values and culture appealed to them, and that the support provided to franchisees to achieve their goals is comprehensive.  With no experience of working in the hotel industry, Nancy and Kevin can tap into a knowledge base of people, both at Quest corporate office as well as the vast Quest franchisee network.

 “We are learning every day, there are so many amazing, smart people we can learn from, both at corporate office as well as fellow franchisees. I feel like I can call on other franchisees in the network for help and suggestions,” explains Nancy. 

Nancy and Kevin believe the support they have received from Quest has been instrumental in their growth as franchise business owners.  Across the board, from sales to accounts, and from marketing to managing landlord relationships, the guidance they have received from Quest has not only helped them run an effective and efficient business, but also helped Nancy and Kevin set long term goals. “Our Franchise Relationship Manager helps us to stay focussed on the big picture as well as advising us on the day-to-day operations. In the next couple of years, we hope to expand to have another Quest Apartment Hotel franchise business” says Kevin. 

And their advice for those considering becoming a Quest franchisee?

“You need to be willing to do a good job and do it better every day. Have clear goals and vision of the big picture, and meanwhile focus on the details and get small daily things done very well. It is so important to build a good team culture. Find strong support from other family members to share the household tasks or outsource, be financially ready, keep learning and work hard daily. “

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