Staying productive at home

Working from home has plenty of benefits - no morning commute, that extra hour of sleep in the morning, quality time spent with the family, need we go on? But for some, staying productive at home can prove difficult. Here are our 6 top tips for getting the most out of your workday, no matter where in the world you are. 

Location, location, location

Start the day off right by getting comfortable with your space. Setting a dedicated workspace will help you get in the right frame of mind, ensuring your brain associates the space with being on the clock (sorry, working from bed doesn’t count). Remove any potential distractions, gather all of your essentials, and grab a coffee (or two, or three). 

The humble to-do list

It can be easy to lose focus and fall off track when you don’t have the structure in your day that being in the office provides. Write a list of your daily tasks every morning, ensuring you schedule in breaks and time to move your body. Get an extra productivity boost by keeping your 3x MITs (Most Important Tasks) at the top of the list and pledging to tackle them first. Nothing beats the feeling of achievement when you get those tasks you’ve been avoiding completed early in the day. 

Music that motivates

Sometimes all you need to get through a busy day is a good playlist. Influence your mood and improve concentration and focus by playing some upbeat tunes. Choose music with energy that matches the task you’re working on. Check out our Work Day Tunes playlist on Spotify here for the perfect balance of modern day bangers and classic golden oldies. Thank us later.

Move your body

There’s no more effective pick-me-up than a quick break to get the blood pumping. Getting outside for a short walk or punching out a few push-ups can increase your energy levels and and help you focus when you return to the desk. Have a conference call? Why not make it a walking meeting and hit the pavement, earphones in ear. Or, schedule a workout on your lunch break. Try this one for a hit of feel-good endorphins. 

Be social

Go the extra mile to support the emotional wellbeing of you and your colleagues by staying connected. Take some time out with a regularly game of trivia through Zoom, and impress all your colleagues with your obscure knowledge of 90s films. Why not take turns being quizmaster?

Respect your ‘off the clock’ time

Without having the evening commute, it is all too easy for your workday to seep into your personal time. To combat this, it’s important to set a finishing time and stick to it. Close the laptop and hide it away so it’s out of sight and out of mind. Now it's time to get stuck into that hobby - perhaps an online dance class, finishing that puzzle you started a week ago, or cooking yet another loaf of banana bread.

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