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Accessible Accommodation

Everyone deserves a place to be themselves.

Quest Apartment Hotels aspire to be leaders and pioneers in creating inclusive environments that cater to the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities.  

Our vision is to go beyond mere compliance with accessibility standards and regulations. Instead, we strive to exceed expectations by gaining third party accreditation of our accessible rooms, provide inclusion training for staff and continuously review and upgrade our amenities and features to make stays truly effortless.

“I’m glad Quest is now using an accreditation system for all their accessible properties so we know exactly what we're getting before we book.”

Robert Rees, guest at Quest South Perth Foreshore

Independent Accessible Accreditation

We are proud to say many of our properties are independently accredited by Accessible Accommodation’s three-tiered rating system, adopted by Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) and the benchmark for the Tourism Industry to follow.

Accreditation allows guests with accessible needs the ability to make informed decisions with confidence knowing properties have been thoroughly vetted and meet high standards.

When booking an accessible accredited room online, the room description will reference if the room is suitable for walking frame or cane users (Tier 1), wheelchair users who can self-transfer to bed and toilet (Tier 2), and people who require the support of carer or support worker (Tier 3). Properties that are accessible accredited are also identified by a label at the top of the page.

Below is more detail about the amenities and features for each tier of accreditation so you can find the right room and property to meet your needs.

For further information on each of our accessible accredited properties including a room tour and 50 frequently answered questions, visit Accessible Accommodation and search for Quest.

Tier 1


Tier 1 accreditation covers people with disabilities who use a walking frame or cane. For this tier, some accessible amenities would come in handy. The minimum requirements for an apartment are:

  • Step free access
  • Doors wider than 80 cm
  • Hallways are wider than 70 cm (and ideally 90 cm)
  • Step free shower
  • Grab rails in Shower
  • Grab rails around toilet or portable shower chair
  • Accessible parking on or off-site
  • A wall mounted or freestanding shower chair is desirable

Tier 2


Tier 2 accreditation covers wheelchair users who can self-transfer to bed and toilet. The minimum requirements for an apartment, in addition to Tier 1 requirements, are:

  • At least 1 meter clearance around the bed for a chair to maneuver or the ability to reposition beds to facilitate this
  • Hallways are wider than 80 cm
  • Sufficient clearance turning circle (at least 81 cm) to get to shower, toilet and sink
  • Glide under bathroom vanity
  • Doors easy to open (can you push the door open with one finger?)
  • Firm floor coverings (e.g., low pile carpet, tiles, or timber).

Tier 3


Tier 3 accreditation has the necessary amenities to support a person who is unable to lift themselves and requires the assistance of a Carer or Support Worker. The minimum requirements for an apartment in addition to Tier 1 and 2 are:

  • Provision of a Hi Lo Electric Bed
  • Provision of a Portable Patient Lifter Hoist, a Gantry or a Ceiling Hoist
  • Room under the bed for a hoist (hired by guest) at least 12 cm
  • At least 1 meter clearance beside the bed
  • Provision of a Commode Chair.

"Whoever they are, they deserve somewhere to stay in comfort. If we can ask the right questions and modify the room in any way to make sure it feels more like home, we will do it.… a lot of the spaces are much wider so someone in a wheelchair can more easily navigate, the benchtops are lower to the ground as well, and added things like bins that you wave your hand over and they will open up."

Kieran Verma, Rooms Division Manager

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